Elia Festa

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Black Lights

A suburb in distress, decaying interiors, places of transit and despair such as a train station or an abandoned industrial complex: this is the context in which stories of persecutors and persecuted intertwine. Zarko, cruel and violent, forces Dunja, his “companion,” to prostitute herself, continually tyrannizing her; her underage son Stojico is abused by his father; Elma is a blind and sick little girl; and finally “the client,” “the Englishman,” and “the colonel” complete the cast of vile or mistreated characters. Stories of marginalization and violence toward the weakest, in particular women and children. Stories that constitute the bitter tableau of the play Anna Politkovskaja, written in her memory by Lars Norén and directed by Salvino Raco. The photographic project “Black Lights” complements and magnifies the themes confronted on stage.

MICROBO I · 2009